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Dear Why is Your Advertiser Contacting Me Outside of Commission Junction?
Got an email from (email attached in text format) from a CJ Advertiser, the email says that CJ suggested that they contact me. I could find no way in my to contact you regarding outside solicitations. One of the reasons I prefer CJ is I don't get bombarded with unsolicited emails regarding affiliate programs. Would you please look into this and take the appropriate action.

Consumers Beware of Lending Tree Loans, It Is An Affiliate Referral Scheme Not a Lending Company
Lending Tree is not a money lending institution, it is nothing more than a loan referral service. As soon as I applied for a “loan” I was redirection to LightStream (owned by SunTrust bank), and within minutes of that I was called by Argon Credit (630-948-4030) wanting me to divulge personal details via a phone application, as to which I told them I did not know who they were and would not apply for a loan with them and stated that I do not want to deal with them. They sent an email inviting me to apply even though I told them I wouldn’t deal with them.

The Poser and DAZ Studio 3D Models and Clothes Unlimited Downloads Mania is Here
Did you know that Poser World has more than 2,900 3D models and 3D clothes for Poser and DAZ Studio available? Did you know that Poser World members have unlimited download access to all of them?

Six Spectacular New Poser and DAZ Studio 3D Scenes Available
The six new 3D Scenes for Poser and DAZ Studio quite large and includes: A roadside produce stand scene with produce models, a vintage "Americana" motor court (roadside motel), a 3 building city street scene, a bake shop building and street scene a Waffle House restaurant and parking lot scene and a mega-sized farm scene.

Three Humongous New 3D Scenes for Poser and DAZ Studio Are Available
We are please to announce the release of three new large format 3D model scenes for Poser and DAZ Studio 3D software. A convenience store and parking lot, a very large farm scene with many model details and a waffle restaurant and parking lot 3D scene. All three of these scenes work in both Smith Micro Poser and DAZ Studio software.

EPIC SIZED 3D City Scenes for Poser and DAZ Studio 3D Software Now Available
Four new 3D city street and building scenes for Poser and DAZ Studio have been released and are available for download. In this series there is a city street dining scene, a small town streets scene, a regular and corner city scene. All buildings, streets and small models are included in the downloads. Download size range from 40 to 80 megabytes per scene.

Are DAZ 3D, Renderosity and Other Poser 3D Content Sites Ripping You Off?
Before DAZ 3D was even a twinkle in the founders eyes, we were creating and providing 3D content for Poser (and DAZ studio) users. Poser World has never charged per download or item. Everything on Poser World (2,699+ models and clothes) are all unlimited downloads with an super affordable download membership.

Complete 3D Apartment Building Model for Poser and DAZ Studio Available
The 3D modular apartment is a single unit model for Poser and DAZ Studio. They can be set side by side and across from each other to create a larger scene. All of the doors open and close (except the showers). The roof, ceiling, inner / outer perimeter walls can be hidden for better camera angles. The outside models and yard can also be hidden if needed.

Epic! Complete 3D House Model for Poser and DAZ Studio
The 3D complete bungalow house model for Poser and DAZ Studio has 34 door movements (entrance, interior room, kitchen cabinets and shower doors). The roof can be removed or hidden for better camera angles and easier adding of furniture and other items.

Part 4 Modular Shopping Mall Entrance 3D Models for Poser and DAZ Studio is Available
The modular shopping mall entrance section for Poser and DAZ Studio is the 4th part of the modular shopping mall 3D scene. All eight entrance doors open and close, the parking lot backdrop panel can be removed. The include kiosk awning can be removed and the movie and snack vending machines can be moved or used anywhere.

Graphics Software Tutorials & 3D Tutorials

Making Realistic Ice Cube Models in Cinema 4D Tutorial
While I use Cinema 4D r11.5 for most of my 3D modeling you can follow this tutorial in an version of Cinema 4D or use nearly any other 3D modeling program that supports arrays. If it doesn't support arrays, you can still manually make the ice cube bubbles (it will take a little more work though). This tutorial too about 15 minutes to create and anyone should be able to follow it without any problems.

Creating a Realistic 3D Neon Sign Model Tutorial
Making a realistic neon sign isn't all that hard. However it takes some practice to make it look real. In this tutorial I use a B-spline and a small circle to make a 3D neon.

3D Model Texturing With UV Mapped Templates With Photoshop
Most if not all 3D model UV mapping software can create a texture template for a model. I used UVmapper for UV mapping models and creating texture templates. In my earlier UV mapping with UVmapper tutorial I UV mapped an old cannon model, so in this tutorial we will go through the process of texturing the old cannon in Photoshop.

Quick and Easy 3D Model UV mapping with UVMapper
This tutorial covers the basics of UV mapping with the UVmapper software. Many 3D modeling software application lack good UV mapping and/or tools. While making a model I do not worry about UV mapping as I export the models and import them into a UV mapping application such as UVmapper.

Easily Import FBX Format 3D Models Into Unity 3D Game Development Software
Importing FBX format files into Unity 3D is quite easy. This tutorial one requires four steps to import FBX models into Unity 3D. FBX format models are by far the easiest way to import 3D models into Unity 3D and other game development applications. OBJ models on the other hand require additional mapping of textures that are not required by using FBX format models.

How To Export Poser 3D Content for Use In Unity 3D Games and other Applications
This tutorial covers how to export our Poser World content from Poser and scale it for use in 3D Game Development such as Unity 3D and other 3D modeling applications.

Compositing Photos With a Lot of Similar Colors - Making Perfect Selections Photoshop Tutorial
This Photoshop tutorial covers compositing an image that has a lot of similar colors in it, which makes it difficult to get clean selections with the magic wand tool. In this photograph, I want to change the sky to something less boring than the cloudless day, as you can see the train is also blue and the magic wand tool will inadvertently select portions of the train. This tutorial will show you how to use the quick mask tool to clean up the selection and drop a new sky into the image.

Quick and Easy Spot Color in a Black and White Photo - Photoshop Tutorial
This Photoshop image editing tutorial illustrates how to use the quick mask to add color to a converted black and white photo. I love using the quick mask tool in Photoshop. I suspect many people never use it, forgot about it or weren't aware at how easily it can be used to make masks of objects in a photo.

Adjust Darkness in Photos for Great Results - Photography Tutorial
This tutorial covers editing photos that are dark or have dark areas in them. Many times I take a photo of something and for some reason areas of the photo are dark. It might be the angle of the sun, the white balance or exposure setting on my camera. For whatever reason the resulting photo just doesn't look the same as it did in my viewfinder.

Bring Your Photos to Life with Three Simple Tools - Photography Tutorial
Let's say you are on vacation at the beach and you see a stunning morning sunrise that had wonderful colors, so you grab your camera and take several photos. However, when you get home and pull the photos onto your computer they appear to be dull and lifeless, not at all as you remember the view. There are several reasons why the photos didn't turn as you had imagined them. This tutorial shows how simple it is to bring out the color in a dull photo.

Graphic Design Software & Hardware Product Reviews

Alien Skin Blow Up 3 – Phenomenal Photo Enlargements
Blow Up 3 is an image enlargement plugin for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Lightroom. Blow Up 3 takes image enlargement to an entirely new level and creates crystal clear enlargements that still amaze me every time I use it.

Extensoft Artisteer 4 Automated Web Design at its Finest
I have used all sorts of software to build websites. From FrontPage to Dreamweaver to Expression and even a plain text editor. Let’s just say I have literally tried them all. The problem is you need more than just an HTML editor to create high quality websites. You also need an image editor and learn the ins-and-outs of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Adobe Lightroom 4
I tend to develop photos based on “feeling” as well as visually, and Lightroom gives me a near infinite range of creative controls that I must say, help my photography shine. With Lightroom 4 the possibilities are endless and I can reset and start over without destroying my digital (RAW format) negatives. The new selective editing brushes now allow me to tweak specific areas of a photo without affecting other areas and for what I do, they are literal perfection for photo editing.

Photomatix Pro 4.1 HDR Image Processing Software
Photomatix Pro 4.1 by HDRsoft is an image adjustment application that adds high dynamic range (HDR) effects to photographs. The software brings out details, lighting, color and contrast out in images. I have found the application a perfect addition to Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Photomatix doesn't require any other software to produce stunning images.

Book Review - Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive
While many of the books I have been reading re-hashed the same basic information the book, Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to be Effective went beyond and exposed research behind the psychology of buying and selling.

Graphic Design Articles

Six Excellent Tips To Learn 3D Modeling
All 3D modeling applications utilize the same basic modeling tools. Once you learn one program other modeling programs are easy to learn. So it really doesn't matter which 3D program that you use, only that you learn the basics of 3D modeling. Believe it or not 3D modeling is much simpler than you think.

Watermarking Your Photographs, Photo Theft and You
I for one, use visible watermarks on images from time to time, however I choose more often not to add a watermark. I’ve been leaning more towards not having a visible mark and do a few other things to reduce photo copying / theft.

Tired of Looking for a Job? Tired of Sending Out Resumes? Try Something Different, Like This.
Let’s face it, the current economic woes have made it difficult to find employment. Companies are not hiring and you are probably stressing and losing your patience, as is everyone else. With every job posted that are hordes of people clamoring to be hired. Sending out resumes to every company in your area is not helping either, as only two percent of potential employees that send out resumes are hired. That is a fact.

All You Need is B.P.C.G.P.C. to Increase Sales of Your Products and Services
BPCGPC is an acronym for my marketing formula: Big Picture, Problem, Claims, Gain, Proof and Close. Stay with me for a moment and I will explain what it is and how you can use it to increase sales of your products and services. BPCGPC is simple method that works in person, online and other forms of marketing.

The Success Secret of Apple Computer and How You Can Use It
However, one of the many insights I have taken away from Apple’s success is that they don’t offer a large number of choices for products. Strange as it seems, less customer choices lead to more sales and often increased revenues.

Using Twitter to Drive Website Traffic? If You Aren’t Using Hashtags, You Are Missing Out
For many years I have studied and implement various ways of driving visitors to ours and our clients websites. You could saw I am a cheap marketing guy, as I don’t pay for traffic.

10 Beautiful Examples of Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Web Design
While some of these CSS designs aren’t all that practical for a website or blog, they are absolutely stunning. Most are a mix of simplicity, refinement and are wonderful examples of web design and cascading style sheets. The examples below will help boost your creativity and inspiration.

10 Inspiring Free Professional Website Templates
There is just something about great designs that often has me holding my breath. I am like a child on Christmas morning opening presents when I see great work. Below are twenty free website templates that are just begging to be used. I often borrow CSS layout and then build my own graphics to fit my or a clients need. Whether you use them as is, modify them or just for inspiration, I think you’ll agree that these are excellent and professional designs. Best of all they are free to use!

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