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New 3D Clothes for Various Poser and DAZ 3D Figures

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Below are the latest additions to Poser World covering various Poser and DAZ 3D Figures. Also available is the Poser 3D Clothes Texturing DVD.

Poser 7 G2 Female Sydney Red and Gold Chelsea Outfit

 The red and gold Chelsea outfit for the G2 Female (Sydney) are real photo textures, has finished edges and seams and includes MATS.

Posted: 7/19/2009




Poser 7 G2 Female Sydney Swimsuits 2009

The G2 Sydney swimsuits contains a one piece leopard print, a bond style lavender sports mesh bikini and a black and cream checker ring bikini, all fabrics are real photo textures and includes MATS.

Posted: 7/18/2009



DAZ Michael 4 Bills Style Football Uniform

The bills style football uniform for Michael 4 includes two shirts one with numbers/name and one without. All real photo texture fabrics (except shoes) and includes MATS.

Posted: 7/17/2009



Cutesy Erin Tops for DAZ Victoria 4

The Erin Cutesy tops for Victoria 4 contains to clothing textures one for the short top and one for the long. Real fabric photo textures and insignia. Includes MATS.

Posted: 7/14/2009



Solid Green with Pink Cute Kitty Bedtime for DAZ Miki 2

The solid green with pink Kitty bedtime outfit for Miki 2 are real fabric textures. Includes MATS.

Posted: 7/13/2009




Bedtime Outfit for DAZ Miki 2

Shorts and Crop vest set

Posted: 7/10/2009




Available at Poser World, Unlimited Downloads and over 1,692 items available for one low download membership price.

Also Available


Poser 3D Clothes Texturing Tutorial Video DVD

Poser 3D Clothes Texturing Tutorial Video DVD

Creating 3D clothing textures is much easier than you think. The main problem is the people that know how to do it can't or won't share how they do it with others. We believe that anyone who wants to create 3D clothing and other types of textures should have access to the information. It is *SO* easy and we show you how!

All it takes is a little time and our clothes texturing video. With this video you will soon be creating professional quality clothing in no time at all.

The Poser World 3D Clothes Texturing Video DVD is a 31 minute tutorial using Photoshop to create a detailed clothing texture. Any image editing program can be used to create clothing textures.

Allen shares his secrets, tips and tricks that are part of an depth step-by-step walk through of building a clothing texture that will help you to create professional quality clothing (and other) textures. This video tutorial series walks through creating the 15th Century Tunic for Michael 3 from start to finish.


1. Templates and UVmapper
2. Scaling and Seamless Textures
3. Applying Extras
4. Applying Details
5. Previewing and Rendering in Poser

This video tutorial series will have you creating clothing and other textures like a pro quickly and easily.

It is recommend that the video tutorials be viewed on a television using a DVD player, however the tutorials can be viewed on any computer capable of showing DVD movies.

The DVD is region free and we offer free shipping world-wide.

For more information or to purchase visit the Poser World online store.

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