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Anchor Points - Adobe After Effects Tutorial

Jacquelin Vanderwood

April 1, 2003

1 Open AE. In this demonstration I'll be showing you how to manipulate the anchor point and make it do what you want it to do. Go ahead and import the hammer. Save it.

Open and copy hammer from here by right-clicking the graphic.

2 Go to File and import the hammer.

3 Drag the hammer onto the Composition Timeline. If you press Shift it will center it.

4 That round thing in the middle is the anchor point if you are totally brand new to all of this.

5 Try moving the anchor point with the Selection tool. You'll notice everything on the layer moves.

6 Now select the Pan Behind tool.

7 Try moving the anchor point now with the Pan Behind tool. Everything on the layer stays stationary while moving the anchor point. Be aware that moving the anchor point with the Pan Behind tool changes the layers motion path if you have one created.

8 Double-click the layer in the Composition Window to open the Layer Window.

9 Click the arrow and select Anchor Point Path from the menu.

10 Drag the anchor point around and watch the Composition Window. The hammer is moving around the anchor point. Press Ctrl+Z to set the anchor point back to it's original position.

11 Again, go ahead and select the Anchor Point Path in the menu. Using the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrows, tap them to see the result. This action moves the anchor point one pixel at a time.

12 Hold the Shift key down and tap the arrow keys to move the anchor point 10 pixels at time.

13 With the Pan Behind tool and in the Composition or Timeline Windows, drag the anchor point around and watch the X and Y coordinates.

14 With the Pan Behind tool go ahead set the anchor point at the bottom of the hammer.

15 Press Alt+R in the timeline to set a keyframe.

16 Move the Time Marker two seconds up. Press Alt+R again.

17 Drag left to -79 degrees.

18 Click on the layer and press Ctrl+C to copy. Move to the 4 second spot. Press Ctrl+V to Copy and again to the 8 second mark. If you find that the hammer is to slow, move your markers closer together and recopy over. 

Copyright 2003, Jacquelin Vanderwood, All Rights Reserved

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