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Styles - Corel CorelDraw Tutorial

Tim Carden


• tutorial written with: CorelDRAW 10 (win)
• works with other versions of DRAW
• assumes basic previous knowledge

It seems tedious graphics tasks creep into your every day job more and more. One of these is applying the same fill, color, font etc. to lots of different objects. It gets more tedious when the objects span multiple pages and documents. Thankfully there are tools such as STYLES that help make some jobs a little easier. Styles have been around in Draw for ages, but have been gradually enhanced with each version. In CorelDRAW 10, you can manage, edit and apply styles using the styles docker. To open this, choose Window | Dockers | Graphic and Text Styles (Ctrl + F5).


You will notice a variety of different icons representing the various styles. There are three different icons: one for paragraph text styles (lines of text with the point size below it), one for artistic text styles (a large "A" character) and one for graphic styles (square). To apply a style simply select an object and double-click the style.

You can make the Graphic and Text Styles docker only show styles relevant to the currently-selected object by checking the Show | Auto-view option in the fly-out options menu. Click the right-pointing arrow in the top right of the docker to open this menu.


Creating a new style is just as easy. The best way is to create a new style based on an already existing object. Simply create an object with the options that you want, and right-click on it. From the menu that appears, chose Styles | Save Style Properties to create a style based on that objects properties. For example, if I decide that my main headings should all be red, 24pt BellCent, I simply use the tools to create a new text object with those properties (or select an existing object with those properties), right click on it, Chose Styles | Save Style Properties from the menu that appears, then give it a name.


If you frequently use the same styles, it may be useful to save them into the default template. This way every new document will include your styles for easy access. For example, I dislike the default bullets styles in CorelDRAW and have therefore created my own. First I designed the bullet effect as I wanted using the Paragraph text tools, then right-clicked and saved the style properties. Note that not all the text boxes are checked in the tree below the style name (see shot below). This is because my bullet style should only change the bullet settings for the selected text (i.e. indents and text effects). This will let me apply my new style to a variety of different types of text without ruining any color, fonts etc. I've applied.


To save all the current styles as the new default template (including defaults and the ones created in this document) click on the options menu fly-out and choose Templates | Save As Default For New Documents. This will include your styles in all new documents.


Styles may seem a slight hassle to set up, but it is well worth your while to create styles for all common text and graphics settings in your document. It will save a lot of time in the future when it comes to applying the same settings to multiple objects.


What did you think? Did you like this tutorial? Was it easy to follow? Do you have suggestions for future tutorials? Have you seen an effect in Print, web or Flash that you would like to know how to achieve? Please feel free to contact me (Tim) on with your Corel technique query. Note that unfortunately I do not have the resources to offer one-to-one technical support but your query may become the basis for a future tutorial.


Copyright 2002, Tim Carden, All Rights Reserved

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