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Corel R.A.V.E. to Flash Tutorial

Tim Carden


Corel released the R.A.V.E. product as a new component of the DRAW10 suite. It is Corel's much anticipated response to Macromedia's dominating Flash product and Adobe's Flash-compatible Livemotion. Unfortunately version 1 is lacking in a few key areas: the only actions available are open URL, and play sound. This means events that are simple to handle in Flash (like going to a specific frame when a mouse moves over a button) are impossible with R.A.V.E.

If that wasn't enough, R.A.V.E. doesn't seem to make use of symbols to keep final SWF (Flash Player) file sizes down, or at least it doesn't provide you with access to the generated symbol library. If you import a R.A.V.E.-created SWF file into Flash, and then re-export as a SWF, you typically achieve a vastly reduced final SWF.

However, R.A.V.E. does offer the full Vector power of CorelDRAW with a timeline (minus one or two tools) and is far easier to use for first time "Flashers" :). If you can afford both products, or use DRAW to create your original graphics for animating and adding interactivity in Flash, you may still find R.A.V.E. a valuable tool for creating animations and importing the exported SWF into Flash for final export and coding. In this tutorial I will show you one method of getting a R.A.V.E. animation element into a new Flash project.

You will need to have created the original element in Corel R.A.V.E. first. A perfect example is the typewritter effect I demonstrated in a previous tutorial. If you don't want to create the example yourself you can cheat and download the Corel R.A.V.E. CLK file here.

Once you have a satisfactory element opened in Corel R.A.V.E., you need to export it to SWF. Select File | Export... (Ctrl+E) and export to SWF - Macromedia Flash format. You will be prompted with the Flash export settings dialog. It is important that you select the Bounding Box Size to be Objects. Click okay to finish the export.


Load Macromedia Flash and open the project you would like to include the R.A.V.E. element in. From the Flash Insert menu, choose New Symbol...



Give it a name and from the Behaviour list choose Movie Clip.


You will now be editing the new symbol. We need to import the SWF file that was exported from R.A.V.E.

Select Import from the File menu, change the file type drop down to SWF and import the R.A.V.E.-exported file. The frames from R.A.V.E. should now appear in the Flash timeline. The object hierachy will have been lost however, so no editing is not going to be very practical. If you need to make modifications, make the changes in R.A.V.E. and re-import into Flash.

Go back to your main scene by clicking the scene tab above the timeline.


You can now include the newly created symbol anywhere in your Flash project. Simply open the current project's library of Symbols (Ctrl+L) and drag it from the symbol library onto your stage. That's all there is to it. In the example below I added some interactivity that is not available in R.A.V.E. (you can download my FLA file here)

By combing the easy graphics tools of R.A.V.E. with the superior Flash features of Flash you can achieve efficient and unique SWF productions.

What did you think? Did you like this tutorial? Was it easy to follow? Do you have suggestions for future tutorials? Have you seen an effect in Print, web or Flash that you would like to know how to achieve? Please feel free to contact me (Tim) on with your Corel technique query.

Copyright 2001, Tim Carden, All Rights Reserved

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