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The Hips, Leg and Foot Sketching Tutorial

Jacquelin Vanderwood

August 15, 2004


1 To draw people more successfully you first must learn how they are constructed. In this lesson I would like you to practice drawing the different parts of the leg and foot and to learn a little bit about the male and female hip differences.

Below I have sketched out a side view of the a male and female. Notice how the back is formed. It is shaped like a valley going up and down and up again. Another important feature to know is how a male's and female's hips differ. Notice how the males' hips protrudes forward in a more box type manner. Now see how the female's hips drop down.


2 Here we have a view of the of the front of the hips. The male hips are quite a bit narrower whereas the female hips are wider at the top and all around larger horizontally.


3 Notice the bones in the ankle. See how the inner bone is higher than the outer bone? This foot is in the position as if standing on it's toes.


4 Again, when the foot is being raised off of the ground notice how the inner bone is still above the outer ankle bone. You can also see the pads of the underside of the foot.


5 Here's a rear view of the foot. Again the arrow directs you to notice how the inner ankle bone and outer ankle bone are now opposite of what they were above. The inner bone is lower while outer bone is higher.


6 Here we have the leg. Notice again how the narrowest point of the knee is tilted from the inner knee to the outer knee. Look at the shape of the inner and outer leg how they slope out and then inward. Learn the configuration of the muscles of the leg. Draw them over and over again.


7 Here is the rear view of the knee area. The back of the knee area, the almost triangle shape, is located above the slant of the narrowest section of the knee. See how the heel is constructed from the rear. A muscular leg will show calf muscles whereas a heavier leg may not show muscle at all.


8 Here we see a side view of the knee. Notice how it slants downward from the front to the back. Try drawing all of the leg views to be become more acquainted with their structure.



Copyright 2004, Jackie Vanderwood, All Rights Reserved


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