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Crosshatching - Drawing Tutorial


Jacquelin Vanderwood

October 2004

As I taught in another lesson, crosshatching can be loose or tight depending on the effect. The closer the lines are together, the more opaque the object. Crosshatching is a series of lines or curves crossing over one another. Below I have given you a series of lines or crosshatches that you can practice doing. The first set of lines below are loosely laid down and can be used to lightly lit or light colored areas. 

Here we have a darker crosshatch that is created with the side of a pencil that has been sanded. Notice that pressure was brought to bear on the pencil to give the strokes a darker look.

In this example we have a crosshatch that has vertical lines with going through them on a slant. This is good for areas that appear to need texture and may have a bit of light hitting it.

These crosshatches are less slanted but as you can see they still cross over each other in a fairly regular pattern. You might use this in a semi-dark area.

Here's a crosshatch pattern that is probably more familiar to most people. It is evenly spaced approximately and runs vertical and horizontal.

You might see this type of crosshatch in a more detailed area.

Here we have a more complex crosshatch involving vertical, horizontal, and slanted lines. You would most likely find these lines in a fairly dark area that needs coverage.

Here we can see a variety of crosshatch strokes in varying weights. Try doing a small drawing with the various examples of strokes above.



Copyright (c) 2004, Jacquelin Vanderwood, All Rights Reserved


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