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Clone Tool - Corel Paint Shop Pro Tutorial

Vikki Olds

The Clone Brush is useful for correcting over painting or replacing an area in an image with the pattern from another area in the same image or from another image. In this tutorial we will use areas from the same image however as mentioned, you can also open an image to clone to another image.

1 The Clone tool (shown below) can be accessed from the Tool Palette. If you don't see the tool palette go to View>Toolbars and check the box next to Tool Palette and click close.

2 The Clone Brush Tool Options palette looks similar to below. If you do not see Tool Options palette go to View>Toolbars and check the box next to Tool Options Palette and then click close.

3 Now that we have the palettes open that we need a little instruction on how to use the clone brush is in order. To use the clone brush you place the cursor over the area that you want to clone from. You then need to right click on that area. Move the cursor to the area you want to clone to and left click. I don't drag the brush. I dab it. To dab just repeatedly click the left mouse button where you are cloning to. It gives a much softer clone that way and a more true clone.

To demonstrate the clone brush I've chosen the image below. All we're going to do is replace the small head in the bottom right corner with the blue background pattern.

4 I chose the clone brush by selecting it in the tool palette. I then right clicked in the blue area on the left side of the image. I did it there because it's a nice big area. I then began dabbing on the head. You can see the progress after a few dabs. (dabs = left clicks)

5 And below a little more progress.

6 And finally the head is gone and the background looks like it was always that way and the head was never there. During the cloning process you may have to re-select areas to clone from occasionally because as you'll see, when you move the brush while you're dabbing the cloning cursor moves as the mouse cursor does.

7 Now lets do  a little touch up on the hat area. There is some yellow hair that looks like it's sticking through the hat. We need to remove that.

8 To be able to see where you are working better, use the zoom tool, shown below and zoom in on small areas to make it easier to work. Below you can see the yellow areas I want to remove.


9 I've changed my brush shape to horizontal in the Tool Options palette for the clone brush because I'm going to be cloning to a flat edge. I right clicked again in the blue area and dabbed to the edge of the hat to get rid of the yellow hair. I did not worry about getting into the hat area a little because I can fix that with the draw tool as soon as all the yellow is removed.


9 I selected the draw tool from the tool palette and in it's tool options palette I set the line width to 4 and the line type to single line.


9 I drew a line from top of the hat to the gold trim on both sides of the hat to clean up the edge and made it not so jaggy.

9 Now, you can see that the yellow hair is gone and the hat looks nice and smooth as it should on the sides.


Copyright 2002, Vikki Olds, All Rights Reserved

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