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Smoke - Corel Paint Shop Pro Tutorial

Vikki Dawson

1 A cigarette is probably not the best choice of examples for a tutorial but the reason I chose it was because most of us are familiar with what cigarette smoke looks like coming from a cigarette. Smoke is a fairly easy thing to create in Paint Shop Pro.

Begin by creating a blank image 400 wide by 300 high with a black background.

Create a new layer and name it Smoke.

2 Choose the preset shapes tool and select the triangle shape on the Smoke layer..

Use the deformation tool, to rotate the shape so the large end of the triangle is pointed similar to the image below. (When you click on the deformation tool you will get handles around your shape so you can size, rotate and scale it.)

3 Choose the Retouch tool (looks like a hand) and use the settings shown below in the Tool Options dialog for the Smudge brush. Using a circular motion work around your triangle until you get the smoky shape you want. (See image below.)

4 Change to the Soften brush and soften the the shape a bit. Don't worry that it's too bright, we'll fix that soon.

5 Create a new layer and name it Cigarette body.

6 Choose the Shapes tool and in the tool options palette choose the Rectangle shape. Create a rectangle similar to the first rectangle image shown below on the new layer.

Go to Edit>Copy and then Edit>Paste>As New Layer.

In the layer palette, double click on the new layer and rename it to Cigarette Butt.

Use the Deformation tool to shorten the Cigarette Butt layer so it is more in proportion.

Use the Mover tool to move the Cigarette Butt layer to match the top of the Cigarette body layer. Don't worry if you don't get it exact. You can move it later.

7 Choose an orange color and fill the shape on the Cigarette butt layer.

Go to Effects>Noise>Add Noise and use the settings shown below.

8 Go to Effects>Blur>Blur More.

You should now have a layer palette that looks similar to below.

Before we go further you may want to get that butt lined up with the body.

9 Turn off the Smoke and Background layer by clicking on the eyeglasses on each layer.

Go to Layers>Merge>Merge Visible.

Your layer palette should now be similar to the one below.

Click on the layers you just turned off to turn them back on again.

9 Use the Deformation tool to rotate the cigarette to the correct position for the smoke.

Use the Retouch tool and select the Burn brush. Darken the edges of both long sides of the cigarette. Don't worry if you cover the whole thing.

Select the Lightness Up brush and lighten up the center of the length of the cigarette to highlight it.

9 We now need to make the burning end of the cigarette. Set the foreground to Pattern and change the pattern to Grainy. Apply the settings shown below.

Choose the Paint Brush from the tools palette and set it to the settings shown below.

Don't drag the brush now. Dab it on the end of the cigarette to get the hot area.

Choose the Retouch tool and the Lightness Up brush to brighten it up a bit and make it look a little hotter.

9 Use the Mover tool to put the cigarette in it's final position.

It actually took more time to make the cigarette than it did to make the smoke but you learned about a lot of tools and what they do as well as how to make smoke.

Try creating a candle or fire and add smoke to it. It's a simple technique that shouldn't require too much practice. Have fun!


Copyright 2003, Vikki Dawson, All Rights Reserved

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