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Pumpkin - Corel Paint Shop Pro Tutorial


Vikki Olds

October 2005

Creating a pumpkin is a lot easier than it might seem. In this tutorial we'll create a quick pumpkin.

Start by creating a blank image 300 x 300 pixels with a white background.

Choose the shapes tool and select the ellipse tool and make sure that the box next to Create as Vector is selected. Select a nice orange color and set both the foreground and background to that color. I've chosen R-239, G-102, B-11. Draw a circle on the canvas. Don't worry if it isn't perfectly round as pumpkins aren't perfectly round either.

Select the Object Selector tool from the toolbar, and then select Node Edit on the Tool Options dialog. Click the top drag handle and drag it down. Then click and drag the arrow and circle shapes on the lines above center to create the top of the pumpkin shape.

On the Layers Palette right click on Layer 1 and choose Rename. Rename the layer to Pumpkin 1.

With the Pumpkin 1 layer selected, right click on it and create a Duplicate. Rename it to Pumpkin 2. Do it again and rename the new layer Pumpkin 3.

Go to the Layers menu and Convert each layer to a Raster Layer.

With Pumpkin 1 selected go to the Selection menu, choose Select All and then go back and choose Float. Then go to the Effects Menu>3D Effects>Drop Shadow and apply the following settings:

Horizontal and Vertical - 0
Opacity 100
Blur 35
Color 128,0,0 (RGB)

Click ok. Go to Selections>Select None

Select the Pumpkin 2 layer and then choose the Deformation tool, , from the toolbar. Drag the left and right sides of the Pumpkin 2 layer in just a bit.

Choose the Arrow tool on the toolbar to deselect the deformation tool. Go to the Selections Menu>Select All, Selections>Float and apply the same drop shadow as we did above.

Do the same for Pumpkin 3 as you did for Pumpkin 2.

So far, so good. We now have the basic shape of a pumpkin. All we need to do now is add some highlight and do a little blending before we finish it off. Hide the background layer and then go to Layers>Merge>Merge Visible.

Select the Retouch tool, , from the toolbar. On the tool options palette choose Lightness up and set the size to 19 and the opacity to 20. Draw some lines following the curve of each section of the pumpkin.

Using the same Retouch tool change the brush to the Soften brush and drag it over the lightning you just did. Also drag it along all the creases of the pumpkin smoothing the create a more natural look.

Create a new layer and name it Stem. I used the following color for the stem: R-119, G-57, B-15. Use the Rectangle shape tool to draw a rectangle on the Stem layer. Use the Deformation tool to rotate it and place it.

Use the Smudge brush on the Retouch tool to shape the stem. Use the Picture Tube tool and choose the Maple leaf tube. Create three new blank layers and place a maple leaf on each layer.

Use the deformation tool to arrange each leaf.


You now have a nice pumpkin graphic that you can use that was quick and easy to create.

Have Fun!

Copyright (c) 2005, Vikki Olds, All Rights Reserved


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