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Butterfly - Corel Paint Shop Pro 6 Tutorial

Donnamarie J. Walker

January 24, 2002

1 Download The Butterfly zip here. This is a Paint Shop Pro Selection tutorial but can easily be done by those with Vector experience. Open a new image 500 x 500 Transparent. Add a new layer: Butterfly_Wings1, load the butterflywings.sel, expand selection by one, fill with black and deselect. Add another layer, Butterfly_Wings2, load the butterflywings.sel, fill with white and deselect. Save your work in PSP format and name it The Butterfly.


2 New layer: Pale Spots and load the butterfly_pale_spots.sel, fill
with #E3E0DE and deselect. Load the butterflywings.sel, invert selection and delete. Duplicate layer and mirror. Make adjustment by sliding it over.


3 New layer: Black Tips and load the butterfly_bottomwing_tips.sel,
fill with black, contract selection by one, invert, delete and deselect.


4 New layer: Light Grey Spots and load the butterfly_lightgrey_spots.sel and fill with #B3B3B0. Deselect and apply a Gaussian Blur of 3. Save.


5 New layer: Dark Grey Spots and load the butterfly_darkgrey_spots.sel and fill with #808080. Deselect and apply a Gaussian Blur of 1.50, apply Noise at 3%.


6 New layer: Yellow Spot and load the butterfly_yellow_spot.sel,
fill with #FFC259. Deselect and apply a Gaussian Blur of 3. Duplicate and mirror. Load the butterflywings.sel, invert and delete. While still selected, click on the layer below and delete again. Deselect.


7 New layer: Black Spots and load the butterfly_black_spots.sel, fill
with black. Deselect, duplicate and mirror, make adjustments.


8 New layer: Wing Lines and load the butterfly_wing_lines.sel and
fill with #C0C0C0. Deselect. Save.


9 New layer: Head1 and load the butterfly_head1.sel, expand by 
1, fill with #5E5E5E and deselect.


10 New layer: Head2 and load the butterly_head2.sel, fill with
#C2AB9C, deselect.


11 New layer: Body and load the butterfly_body.sel, fill with
#DEDEDE, deselect.


12 New layer: Body Spot1 and load the butterfly_body_spot1.sel,
fill with #B0B0B0, deselect and apply a Gaussian Blur of 1.50. Save.


13 New layer: Body Spot2 and load the butterfly_body_spot2.sel,
fill with #5E5E5E, deselect and apply the same Blur.


14 New layer: Body Spots3 and load butterfly_body_spots3.sel,
fill with #7A6163, deselect.


15 New layer: Eyes, Foreground color #5E5E5E and background
color #BFBFBF. Using your Preset Circle, Line width 1, draw out a
small circle 8 x 8, adjust to head, copy and paste as a new selection and adjust to other side of head. Deselect. 


16 New layer: Antennae, Foreground color White, Draw Tool, Single
Line, Width 1 and starting at the tip of the head, draw out an Antennae. Change to your Paint Brush, Round, White, Size 6, and paint a dot at the end of your Antennae, copy and paste as a new selection, mirror and adjust. You can also paint these with Black if you'd prefer.


17 Save one more time then Shift D to duplicate, close the original, turn off Layer1, and merge your layers visible. Add a Drop Shadow on Horizontal and Vertical:1, Opacity:35, Blur:2.5, Color: Black. Fill Layer1 with color or texture. Merge layers flatten and save in your favorite format!


Copyright © 2002, Donnamarie J. Walker, All Rights Reserved


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