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Quick Sketch Artist - Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Jacquelin Vanderwood

1 This will be a fun tutorial for you. We're going to get messy. Let's begin! Create a new file 18" x 12" with a white background. Add a new layer. Hit the X key to default to black on top and white on the bottom. Select the #13 brush. Now select the Pen tool. Draw an oval as you see below.

2 Right-click and select Stroke Path.

3 Select Paintbrush and press OK.

4 You should have something that resembles the drawing below.

5 Again, right-click and select Delete Path.

6 Now using the method I showed you in Steps 1-5, continue on creating your drawing. My sketch is shown below for quick reference. You do not have to close all the paths for this method to work, i.e. such as the mouth.

7 If you see some mistakes in your drawing that you need to clean up at this point, use the Eraser tool or use the Pen tool to draw around the item, right-click and choose Make Selection, then hit the Delete key. And, for this particular lesson you should make all major lines of the drawing closed or touching another line.

8 Go ahead and create a new layer. Drop that layer below the one we were just working on. Select the Airbrush tool. Choose the #100 brush. Select a skin color to use. Spray the skin areas. Don't worry about being sloppy.

9 Select a darker skin tone and spray shadows.

10 Select a lighter tone and highlight.

11 Create a new layer. Add new color to different pieces of the illustration.

12 Do the same as in Steps 8-10. And continue on to finish the drawing. For each segment remember to create a new layer.

13 Hide all layers except the line layer and the first colored layer.

14 Select the line layer and the Magic Wand tool. Holding the Shift key down, go ahead and select the skin areas. Then choose Select>Modify>Expand and specify 2. This will expand the area out to where the black line will cover the edges. Next click on the skin layer. Press Shift+Control+i. This will invert the selection. Now press the Delete key. Continue with this method for every layer. If, after going through this whole process you discover you've accidentally deleted a particular area, just create a new layer, use the Eyedropper to pick up the right color, and follow the process covered above.

15 Once you have cut and trimmed each layer, link and merge just the colored layers and not the line layer. Select Gaussian Blur from Filters and set to 2 to blend and soften. Here is the direct result of our efforts. Here's a tip for you: Find a photograph and use the same technique as we have used above to outline the item in the photograph. Make sure not to draw on the photograph layer but create a new layer and lock the photograph layer. In this way you will be able to achieve a more lifelike drawing than the cartoon one below. You can experiment with different brush sizes as well, and also combine different size brushes in the same drawing.


Copyright 2002, Jacquelin Vanderwood, All Rights Reserved

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