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Candy Canes - Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Jacquelin Vanderwood

January 1, 2004


1 In this tutorial I'll show you one way to make candy canes and you can use this method for different ideas.

Open Preferences and specify Large as the Grid Size.


2 Using the Pen tool map out a candy cane shape.

Over in Paths use the Fill button and fill with white.


3 Under Feather, specify 15 px.

Under Paths create a new path.

Create a new layer.

Select the path.

Fill the path.


Press Delete a couple of times.

Invert again and fill via the Paths palette.

This will round out any hard edges.


4 If you discover the candy cane is not correct in shape, use the Rectangle Marquee tool to select an area.

Right-click and choose Layer via Cut.

Move the piece over.

Merge the two layers.


5 Use the Pen tool to select the area to delete and delete it.


6 Use the Pen tool to select an area to add to and then fill.


7 Lock the layer.

Select a Calligraphic brush and increase it's size to fit the candy cane.

Change to the color red.

Map onto the cane red stripes. Use the Shift key to keep the lines straight.


8 Add smaller lines.

9 Open Inner Shadow.

Select a light blue.

Drag the shadow into place as shown.


10 Select Bevel and Emboss.

Set the Depth to 201%.


Size is 46 px.

Soften is 9 px.

Shadow Mode is light blue as before with Opacity set to 56%


11 Contour is Cone Inverted.

12 Here is the finished cane.



Copyright 2004, Jacquelin Vanderwood, All Rights Reserved

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