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Simple Rollovers for the Web - ImageReady CS Tutorial

Vikki Olds

March 15, 2004


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Mouse over the tabs above to see the rollover effect


1 Creating simple rollover effects in ImageReady CS is really easy. You can make the rollovers as simple or complex as you like and this tutorial will hopefully get your started in that direction.

One of the really nice things about ImageReady CS is that you can work on a very large canvas and then scale it down to the size needed for your web site.

I started work on a blank 800 x 600  canvas which is the standard size for web sites these days.

I drew a tab on my canvas which will be the first button. I also added the borders as shown below using the rectangle tool.

I also added a drop shadow using the styles button at the bottom of the layer palette. You must have your button layer selected when choosing the style button.

2 Next place some text on your button.

3 Select the button so we can create the rollover effect for this button.
4 On the Web Content palette click the Create Layer-based rollover button which is shown with a red square around it below. ImageReady CS adds the necesssary rollover state. Highlight the rollover state.

5 Click on the style button from the layer palette again and set a style for the rollover. I did just a simple red overlay with an inner shadow. That will make my button look depressed when moused over.

6 Once you have the first button set up, go  ahead and create the rest of your buttons following the same instructions above for each button.

My final set up is shown below.

7 My first design for the rollover just had the effects named above.

8 Before changing my rollover effect I added the link and name information for each button. You must click each button and then add the information in the palette shown below.

9 Below is a preview of the design in it's original state.

10 As you can see below, I altered by rollover buttons to move down when moused over. To change a rollover effect just highlight the over state in the Web Content Palette for the button you want to change and then change it.

11 Once  you have everything done you can if you'd like change the size of your interface. One reason you might do this is if you wanted a precise look and wanted to cater to different browsing resolutions.

Go to Image>Image Size and change the size to whatever you want.

12 You can also set the HTML output. This is a very nice feature.

13 When you're ready to save the files go to File>Save Optimized As and save the files to your hard drive. ImageReady CS creates all the graphics, script and html for you.

This is really cool as all you have to really think about is graphic design!

Have fun!


Copyright 2004, Vikki Olds, All Rights Reserved

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