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The Making of a 3D Character Using Photoshop - Adobe Photoshop Tutorial


Jacquelin Vanderwood

September 2004

To draw this character we'll start by using the Ellipse tool and creating an oval as shown below.

Using the Direct Selection tool, select both the bottom and top points, hold the Shift down and pull up to form the shape below. Right-click on the layer and rasterize it.

Now create a circle with the same color selected with the same tool. This will create a new layer on it's own.

Use the Direct Selection tool and pull upward on the lower point. Rasterize this layer.

Still using the same tool, create a circle for any eyeball. Place this layer below the eyelid layer.

Using the Rounded Rectangle tool, create the semblance of a leg. Use the Direct Selection tool and draw out the point at the bottom to represent a leg.

Copy the layer, then use Flip Horizontal to make the other leg. Move it into place. Merge the two leg layers.

On the leg layer open Layer Styles and select Gradient Overlay. Create the gradient seen below. Right-click the layer then copy and paste the layer style to the head layer.

Click on the layer to open it and reverse the angle of the gradient to -90. Do the same for the eyelid layer.

Above the head layer create a white oval with the Ellipse tool. Hit Enter. Use the Elliptical Marquee tool to create another ellipse wider than the current one then hit Delete. Set the layer Opacity to 70%.

Create a gradient consisting of all white but make one side's Opacity 0. Use the Gradient tool and drag over the shape. At this point you can enlarge the piece to fit the area concerned.

Use the same method for the shadow below. Change the gradient to replicate a shadow area.

Create a white circle and blur it using Gaussian Blur. This is a white point.

Use the same method as we used to create the highlight area for the highlight area on the eyelid.

Select the original eyelid and open Layer Style. Select Drop Shadow and uncheck Use Global Light. With the cursor at the eyelid, move the shadow.

Select the body and open Layer Style. Use Inner Shadow to create some depth around the edge of the body.

Select the eyeball and apply a Gradient Overlay.

With the Elliptical tool and the color black selected, create the pupil, then apply a Lens Flare to it. Under Layer Styles apply a Drop Shadow to the eyeball making sure you uncheck Use Global Light.

For the eyelash, create a layer under the lid. Use the Rectangle tool and the color black, create a rectangle. Apply a black to white gradient to it. Rasterize the layer. Use Liquefy to push the lower edge up.

Apply, in Layer Style, Satin to the legs.

Finally, for the shadow, first merge all of the layers. Duplicate the layer. Use Scale and Perspective to make adjustments. Control+select the layer and press Delete. Apply a gradient where one colors opacity is 0. Use the Eraser tool to clear out some of the shadow from beneath the feet. Blur using Gaussian Blur.


 Copyright (c) 2004, Jacquelin Vanderwood, All Rights Reserved


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