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Making and Adjusting an Oval Photo - Adobe Photoshop Tutorial


Jacquelin Vanderwood

January 2005

The first thing we need to do is select the Elliptical Marquee Tool and make a selection around the area of the photo you want to keep. When that is complete, choose Copy. Create a new composition and increase the size of the composition by however much background you'd like to have surrounding the picture. Paste the picture into the new composition. Had you pasted the picture into the new composition without increasing the size then the picture would butt up against the edges.

Now let's sharpen the photo by using Unsharp Mask. For this particular photo I set the Amount to 43%, Radius to 12.8 pixels, and Threshold is at 0.

I then right-clicked on the layer and duplicated it.

At this point I applied Solarize to the new layer.

Now I wanted a different appearance so I changed the layer mode to Saturation.

I then applied an Adjustment layer to the original photo with the settings shown below. Note that each box under Tone Balance a different selection is highlighted.

Finally through Layer Style I applied the default setting for Inner Shadow and applied a Stroke for the edge of the photo. I selected a color using the eyedropper to pick a uniform color from the photo. For the Background layer I chose a light consistent color I found in the photo and filled it. Then I applied Patchwork set to Square Size 1 and Relief to 0 and called the piece complete.



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