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Making Poser Figures - Part 2 - e Frontier Poser Tutorial

Steve Shanks

November 15, 2000

Welcome to part 2 of the Poser figure tutorial in this part we will make an organic type figure. So lets get started by downloading the file we will be posing, click on the image below to download the OBJ and if you haven't already got PHI builder get that via the link at the bottom of the page. Now this figure is already set up and mapped so if you didn't do part one I suggest you do so at some time as it covers this part.

Once you have the figure downloaded place it in any folder here Poser\runtime\geometries\???? and then open PHI builder and hit the OBJ button to load our figure (named Sam)

We want the bottom section to be the main part that everything moves from so drag the middle onto the bottom and the top onto the middle.

This next bit is the most important when creating an organic figure. The Rotation order. If you set up the wrong rotation you'll have all sorts of problems. For basic figures there are 3 rotation orders we need.
Torso or vertical sections are YZX
Arms or horizontal left to right are XZY
Feet or horizontal front to back are ZYX
So with this in mind double click on each body part and change the rotation to YZX.

That's the PHI section done so go file/ save as and save it into the same folder as your OBJ and start up Poser. Once Poser is open go File/ convert heir file and open your PHI file, Poser will pop a window up called set name, change the name in the box to one that suits you then click OK. The New figures library will now open and you'll have a blank thumbnail with the name you just typed, double click on that to bring the figure into the scene.

Lets see how he works by rotating the main camera a little then select his middle and turn the X rotate dial, looks pretty good already but if we turn the X rotate dial on the bottom section it rotates wrong so go to Left camera (Ctrl ;) and Outline mode (Ctrl 2) and open the Joint editor window. Now with the bottom section selected and center in the top of the joint editor window drag the yellow cross all the way to the base the with the middle section selected drag its cross to the base of that section then repeat for the top but leave the red cross as it is.

Now change the Joint editor top to X rotate an you'll see this.

Now these can be described as your bend zones, if you look at the right side the triangular section between the yellow and red line is the part that will compress or squash when you bend the joint. The joints are pretty good as they are on this figure but I've dragged the two lines closer together on the left hand model in the image below to show what happens if you have to little bend zone and bend the model to much. So in our case we need wide zones but in a more complex model you may need to reduce the gap to prevent zones crossing over each other, there is no hard and fast rule on this it is just a case of going over each section and testing till you have it right.

Once you have everything right save the figure back into the library and a new CR2 will be created with your new joint settings. Here is a rough and ready Gif of Sam in action.

Roy Riggs's Phi Builder


Copyright 2000, Steve Shanks, All Rights Reserved

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