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Creating a Flyer - Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop Tutorial

Jacquelin Vanderwood

1 Open up Illustrator. We're going to create a slim black line frame for this flyer. Make the Fill color blank clicking on it by pressing the / symbol. Click on the Stroke square by clicking on it, that's the back empty looking square. Make sure it is black. 

2 Create a vertical rectangle by selecting the Rectangle tool. Add a layer if you need to.

3 Create a new layer by clicking on the Create New Layer button at the bottom of the Layers palette.

4 To put an image on the flyer, select Place and locate the image. To move the image around, select the Selection Tool.

5 To place text on the page, select the Text tool, choose the font type and size in the text palette. Then choose another font, reduce the size and add an address.

6 Make sure after creating each item above that you lock it's layer.

7 If you have trouble lining items up, check Snap to Grid and Snap to Point. This will act as a magnet. You should have a page that resembles the one below.

8 At this point you are ready to save the flyer and Export it to be opened up in Photoshop. Export it with a *.PSD extension. Make sure Anti-alias and Write Layers is checked. You can also select Editable Text as well. The other option is leave these unchecked and you'll open the Photoshop file in a flat setup which could not be changed. In some cases, especially for people new to these programs and who just want stability and a basic flyer setup, leave these unchecked and it will act as a permanent backdrop for the flyer.

9 Open Photoshop then select Open and find the file you just saved. Press Update.

10 On the Layers palette, Lock each layer so you won't mess with them. Double check to make sure you have the Selection tool clicked. Open a couple of pictures of your choosing. You would at this point drag the picture onto the flyer. 

11 To add a frame around the pictures, make sure one of the picture layers is selected. At the bottom of the Layers palette you'll see the letter f. Click it to open and select Stroke.

12 Up pops the Layer Style dialogue box. You can see that the Stroke selection is checked. Change the color by clicking inside the color chip. Change to black. 

13 To add a shadow, check Drop Shadow. If you're having trouble making it look right, follow the picture below.

14 Select the Rectangle tool. Add a new Layer to the bottom of the Layers palette. Create a blue background. Right-click on the layer over near the right side of the layer and choose Rasterize Layer from the popup menu.

15 Select the Text tool. You'll see at the top of the program where you can change the font and it's size and the color of the font. Or you can change the color of the font on the Toolbar. To add text, type in an area and use the Return key to continue on the next line. When you have finished with that particular text, click the Move tool and adjust the text. If you need to fix any of the text, click back on the text tool and edit. In all cases, make sure Auto Select Layer at the top of the program is unchecked or you'll have problems. To add more text, click on the Move tool then create a new layer and click back on the text tool and type. Again, remember to click on the Move tool when you are done, move the text, etc. Follow in this manner all the way through. 

Now you have a simple basic flyer layout which I'm sure you can improve upon immensely. This is just to get you going in the right direction. 

At this point, you may say to yourself, "I need something else in the flyer like another frame inside of it. Create a new layer at the bottom of the stack of layers. Click on the Rectangular Marquee Tool. Create a rectangle. Make sure your front color chip is black. Select Edit>Stroke. Press OK. To adjust the size of the rectangle frame, press Control+T and adjust. When done press the Enter key. Use the Move Tool to align it where you want it. Save your work. When this prints out, you will have the outside black frame (which we created in Illustrator) showing much better than you can see below plus the inner black line frame we just created. The view see below is the unprinted version. I hope this teaches you how to use the two programs together. Don't forget, you c-a-n use clip art too!


Copyright 2002, Jacquelin Vanderwood, All Rights Reserved

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